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Subject: For our Ontario and Quebec experts

A question for our Ontario and Quebec experts:
I met with a cousin in New York last week concerning the
mystery of the arrival records of my great-grandfather
He was born there in 1876. According to family history, he spent
(over the Jewish holidays) in Canada and then took the train to New York

Some 6 years ago I checked line by line of the St. Alban's
and Montreal manifests, finding no similar name that could
possibly be my GGF. Of course, a false name could have been given.

The family story is that he went to Canada to visit two
brothers there. I have never been able to find any information
on any similar name in Quebec or in Ontario.


Yes there is something new in Quebec records. Canadian census enumerators
asked questions about religion as well as ethnicity in different decades.

Glen Eker of Hamilton, Ontario is publishing a series of books that detail
Jewish residents recorded in various Canadian censuses.

He is doing this through the Ontario Genea. Society (see Toronto). So far
there are two published.
Jews Resident in Ontario According to the 1851 to 1901 Censuses of Canada

The book on Quebec has recently been sent to the publisher.

If one thinks that the relatives in question were in a Quebec city (or any
Ontario location) in 1901, then these publications may be of interest. Of
course all the problems of surname variation as discussed remain, but family
groupings are self-evident in these census records.

I will enquire of Mr. Eker whether he would entertain off-line queries.

Barry Spinner
President JGS - Hamilton & area

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