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Flo Elman

Dear Mitzvah Makers!

On Sept. 2nd, I wrote to our List & to the Jewishgen Digest in an effort to
locate Bella SPEIER, (last seen just after the Holocaust). It was on the
long, cold march >from Stutthof that Bella saved Mildred Greenspoon in a hay
wagon when Mildred became too ill to walk. Mildred is now elderly & ailing.
She remembered that Bella married a Rogers & moved to Australia after the
war. She is hoping to find this very special person & speak to her again. In
my message to the Lists, I mentioned how wonderful it would be if we could
perform a new year's mitzvah, & reunite these women before Rosh Hashonah. I
received a number of friendly suggestions, & to those writers, I say thank
you for your responses.

** The exciting break-through came in a letter >from Nigel Meinrath who
forwarded a family tree that "possibly" had the right information. I sent it
on to Mildred's daughter, my friend, & passed on the suggestion that she
call the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha. I was pretty sure Bella's husband was in
their records, & that we could pinpoint her whereabouts. Today, only *four*
days after beginning the search, I received an email >from my friend. It
read: "YES!!! I'm waiting to hear back >from Bella's son Myron. He is a
neuro-surgeon and currently in surgery. Hope I can talk to her as well! Will
keep you posted."

It appears that we really have performed our mitzvah!! (Many, many thanks
Nigel!!) I will follow up with an account of how their reunion proceeds from

L'shana tova to all of you - health, peace, & the warmth of friendship ....
& not least, Happy Hunting Researchers!

Best regards,
Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

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