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Just established that my mother's grand-parents names were:
Cabel and Musha WITTEN, Lithuania.
They had three sons, the eldest one was conscripted to the Russian Army [don't
know his name]. He used to send money to Isaac who in turn, sent it to his
Harry born in about 1883.
Isaac Louie born 28 February 1892
Harry and Isaac were sent to the UK with maybe their mother's brother,
?BLOCK [BLOCH], between 1899 and 1900, after Musha died and their father
remarried [???] They lived for about two to ten years, with relations in the UK
not sure where,but could have been London.
We are not sure if they went to school there and did there crafts, then came to
South Africa. Isaac married my g'mother Violet Irene BROCKER and was now Louie.
He died in February 1970 and Violet, November 1972, both in Cape Town.
Harry died the 10 July 1945 in Johannesburg. Now this info was found on Harry's DN
papers and my grandfather was his sole heir. They had a step-brother, Yossil, who
also came out to SA about 1935.
If any one out here comes across my g'g'parents name please could you email me.
Not too sure if g'g'parents were born in Panevezys or not, maybe they only went
there afterwards.

Dunia McMaster
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