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len k

Help in finding any info for the following;

KLINGER Elias / Elly die in Galicia 1912?

" Dworie wife of Elias married in 1872 I belive

Children are;

" Reise / Rose born 1890 Galicia, Kerwenki?
" Sara / Sadie born 1891 Galicia ?
" Benjamin born 1895 Galicia, Kerwenke?
Abram born 1904 Galicia, Krzywenkie (Austria)

I'm sure they are all >from Galicia but as you notice above the names of the towns
are spelled differently. Thats what I was able to find on the manifest of Ellis

Elias I belive is my grandfather he married Dworie in 1872. I don't know her
maiden name. she came to America with her son Abram. the others were in the states
or would come after!

Any help would be welcome!!

Thank You!
Leonard Klinger
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