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Judith Romney Wegner

Alex Sharon writes:

Musha, read as: [Moo syah], Dusha, Nusha, Anusha and a few similar
othersfeminine diminutive and affectionate (pet) names have been
commonly used by the "Russian" Jewish families.

And it appears that your gmother name Masha, has also Russian background -
it is common diminutive form of Miriam (Maria), similar to Sasha, Natasha,
and so on.
So what it boils down to is this: there are two different names,
both being of Russian origin:

(1) Moussia or Musha (with its diminutive form Moushka or Mushka); and

(2) Masha (which probably accounts for the common Jewish female name
Marsha -- a spelling often displaced by the classical (and classier?)
name Marcia).

If so, it is a shame that so many Mushas and Mushkas who actually
inherited name #1 ended up pronounced like Masha instead! It
also means that those of us having an ancestor with either of those
names should bear in mind the possibility that the "other" spelling
may appear on some documents.

Judith Romney Wegner

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