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Mark Halpern

To the best of my knowledge, all existing Census returns and
Revision Lists for Bialystok city and Uyezd are housed at the
Belarus State Archives in Grodno. The Belarus SIG, with support
from BIALYGen -- the Bialystok Region Jewish Genealogy Group --
has extracted and transliterated all the existing returns of the
1897 All-Russia Census for Grodno Gubernia. The surviving
returns represent only a small percentage of the original census
returns. For more information see

The Belarus SIG website also includes an inventory of Jewish
records housed at the Grodno Archives at . The
Bialystok area Revision lists cited here have not been indexed or
extracted. I do not personally have any experience with the
Revision lists noted. Maybe someone else with experience can
comment on these.

Mark Halpern
Coordinator, BIALYGen
for more information and to join the discussion group, see

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Does any Russian census or revisions lists exist for Bialystok?
If so how does one get to see/copy records?
Neil Rosenstein

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