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Yesterday, Sept 20th, 2004 I attended the annual ceremony commemorating the 62nd
year of the deportation and liquidation of the Brzesko Jewish community.Most were
killed in Belzec. I met there Mrs. Ester FRIEDMAN nee SPAGATNER who was born in
Krakow.Her maternal grandparents were Pesach and Ester ZEISLER >from Brzesko(they
moved later to a nearby village called Dabrowa(pronounced Dombrowa). Ester
published a few years ago her memoirs which she wrote in Polish immediately after
WW2.The book was published in Poland and is titled "Daleka Droga Do Domu"(you can
find through Google). It was also published in Hebrew.It contains many details
about Brzesko,Krakow,schools,Plaszow,Auschwitz and Birkenau.
She has a number tattooed on her arm: A 26615. My late mother, Sara KOENIGSBUCH,
had the number A 26368. They were probably on the same transport but did not know
each other because of an age gap of 10 years.
Jacob Rosen

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