JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Genealogy and Politics - Not a Good Combo!! #general

Donald and Sandra Hirschhorn <donsandyh@...>

I couldn't agree more with Carol Raspler's Email. This was an outrage committed by
a ( formerly) highly respected member of the Jewish Genealogical community who
owes all of us a public apology.
Don Hirschhorn
Boca Raton,Florida

Then, I would like to request that those of you who are using these mailing
lists (JewishGen, SIG Groups, and local JGS) to cull names and eAddresses for
the purposes of political messages cease and desist immediately!

This is an improper use of personal information taken >from our genealogical
activities. All these lists are restricted to discussions relating to
genealogy and as strong as one may feel about supporting one candidate or
another, using our names for targeted mailings is against all JewishGen
guidelines and the guidelines of our sister groups.
Thank you, Carol Raspler, Delray Beach, FL

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