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Diane Frankel <dlfrankel@...>

On a 1910 census for Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey I wonder if anyone would know
what "M1" means. It's column 8 which asks if the person is single, married,
divorced or widowed. This person was a widow but there is definitely an "M and
what looks like the numeral 1. There are others with the same notation have the
same notation and one even has an "M2". Others have and S for single.

North Miami Beach, FL
BORR, BORUCH, FELDMAN, WEITZMAN >from Beltz in Bessarabia now Moldova
KAPLAN, BRODKIN, FISHKIN >from Koidanov and Minsk
USLAN, SPROTZ, SLOBODKIN, PENCHANSKY >from Koidanov and Minsk and Uzlany in Belarus
FRANKEL, PERSKY, SOCK, KATZNELSON >from Bobruisk, Visnevo, Voloshin and Slutz
in Belarus PRESSMAN, RABINOWITZ, CHAIT/CHAJET >from Vileyka and Dolhinow in Belarus

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