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Fellow Genners,

Well, I promised you an update on our cemetery projects, so here goes:

As I may have mentioned before, Summer is the ideal season for
restoration. Consequently, we have been rather heavily involved in many
projects, and restored many cemeteries for which preparations had been made
throughout the past winter, as well a initiated numerous new projects.
Following is a list of the cemeteries, the actual restoration of which we've
been involved since the last posting (to be followed in Part II by those
for which restoration is being seriously considered). If you recognize any
of your ancestral hometowns, and have any pertinent info which might be
beneficial to the project, or have any questions regarding the projects,
please don't hesitate to contact us. Digital photos of the restoration
progresses are available upon request.

Balmazujvaos, Hungary
Restored, numbered and photographed 126 tombstones.

Bekescaba, Hungary
Enclosed unprotected areas of cemetery and arranged for maintenance.

Bicske, Hungary
Restored, Numbered and photographed 178 Tombstones.


Erected Concrete Enclosure (large cemetery). Cut down wild and uncontrolled
vegetation posing danger to grounds. Intense project-30 laborers toiled for
3-4 weeks...Project in latter phase.

Kisvarda, Hungary
Huge cemetery-app. 1200 tombstones. Already enclosed two unprotected
sections and secured voluntary return of a portion purchased privately after
WWII. Cleared weeds and overgrowth and re-erected 700 gravestones and
refurbished the rest. Plans on agenda:
1. Where necessary, erect the tombstones atop foundations to ensure
long-time preservation (if funds available)
2. Mapping the cemetery; Numbering and photographing each of 1200 stones.
3. Erect a memorial monument commemorating those deported during the
4. Publish a booklet with a brief description of the history of the Kisvarda
Jewish community and the cemetery, as well as photos of the individual
stones and the inscriptions.

Nagyhalsz, Hungary
Project completed: New, durable, concrete enclosure. Cleaned grounds and
recemented/erected the 89 tombstones. Darkened names (manually) on most
stones to maximize legibility. Numbered and photographed each individual
tombstone for indexing. Arranged maintenance plan.

Nagyjoc, Ukraine
Cleaned the grounds.

Lusca, Romania
Badly damaged and neglected Erected concrete enclosure. Cleaned grounds and
restored the gravestones. Built brand new Ohel to house the Grand Rabbis'
Photographed(by number) the 294 tombstones individually. WE are preparing
to publish a pamphlet showing all the individual gravestones of the Lusca
cemetery, with the inscriptions beneath, including a brief history of the
Lusca cemetery and its Jewish population, as well as of the restoration
project. (Note: This, of course, is the ideal post-restoration step in
*every* cemetery project-according to the availability of funds. ) Arranged
for maintenance.

Tokaj, Hungary (2 cemeteries)

Old cemetery: Unique in that it is situated on an island and accessible only
by boat. Complete cleaning of grounds and restoration of tombstones
currently in process.

New Cemetery
Same status as old cemetery. Cleaning and restoration of stones in process.

Vonyhove, Ukraine
Erected Concrete Enclosure. Cleared incredibly littered grounds. Restored
the 113 gravestones; Darkened the inscriptions(where necessary) & Numbered
and photographed the stones individually.

Zemplen/(Zemplin), Slovakia
2 cemeteries. Concrete fencing currently being initiated to enclose both

In part II, I will update you as to the ones for which restoration is being
prepared or seriously considered. Once again, If you recognize any of these
and have any info-or questions-please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you. In the merit of honoring and preserving the resting places of
our ancestors may Hashem bless us all with a Shana Tova.

All the best,

Toby Mendlowitz
Assistant Director
Heritage Foundation for Preservation
of Jewish Cemeteries(HFPJC)
148 Ross Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel. 800-945-1552
Fax 718-228-8368
E-mail: hfpjc@...

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