Re: Term in synagogue statute #germany

Heinz Radde <radde@...>

Olaf Ruhl [mailto:Olaf.Ruhl@...] wrote:
the yiddish term "noende/noente" (the vowels o and e to be spoken
separately) means something like "close, familiar, nearby".
In the context of the synagogue statute this may relate to the front
row(s) of seats; does this make sense to you?
Thank you, Olaf and other off-list answers, for your contributions.
It seems, the term really means "Stande" (a Umlaut), although the very
clear handwriting in Old German (Kurrantschrift) looks like N.
I'm not sure, whether you could that translate it with "booths" in this
case. However, it's a topic for a group of seats in a synagogue.

Regards, Heinz Radde, Switzerland, radde@...

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