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Hi Folks:

I would greatly appreciate it if an Israeli colleague (or someone somewhere
else who has ability to easily read hebrew web pages) could look up the
phone/address listings for members of the BLUMENZON family in Israel
(spelled with the "Z" sound", though some BLUMENSON are also related). I
suspect that most are related to me, though distantly. I have tried using
the Bezeq web pages, but found them difficult to navigate. Id guess that
there are about 20 or so listings, if even that many. I do not know where
most would be living, though many years ago, some were living in or near
Tel Aviv.
I can read Hebrew, so sending scanned paper directory is fine, or copies of
Hebrew web pages.

If you think you can be of help, please reply privately.

Shanah tova,

Steve Bloom
Worsham, Virginia

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