"Newman" as given name #germany

Judith Berlowitz <jberlowitz331@...>

Dear GerSIGgers,
If any of you have males in your families whose first name is
"Newman" , I'd like to know for whom these people were named. The
name is rampant in my LEVINSON family >from "Prussia." They were
possibly >from the Poznan area; the only birthplace I've been able to
document definitely is that of my g-g-g-grandmother, Elisheva
(Jeannette)LEVINSOHN / LEVINSON / LOEWENBERG, born 1787 in Rogasen (Rogozno) &
died in Chicago in 1888 (yes!). None of her sons were named "Newman."
Besides Newman David LEVINSON, born in 1835 in "Prussia" and died in
1899 in Indianapolis, there are four Newman LEVINSONs, all born
between 1853-1855 in either Shelbyville, IN, or Cincinnati, OH. I am
researching this naming practice in the effort to link their fathers
as brothers or cousins. The only ancestral given name of which I am
certain is "Menachem." The fathers of these Newman males were (in
order of birth) Jacob, Joseph, Meyer L., and Philip.

Judith Berlowitz, Oakland, CA

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