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Shlomo Katz <SKATZ@...>

The question did not specify Jewish versus non-Jewish. My great-great-
grandfather Yisroel KATZ was a landowner in the Marmarosh province of
Hungary. His holdings seem to have passed to only one of his (at least)
three sons, Shmuel Zanvil Katz (died 1890), and >from there to his
son-in-law, Zysha ELEFANT (died 1942). Zysha was a fabulously wealthy
man whose properties included many forests. He employed about 150 people,
and issued his own currency. (My great-grandfather, Shmuel Zanvil's
brother, ended up as a porter. There must be a story there. Oh well!
On the bright side, one of Zysha's descendants underwrote the publication
of the family tree that I wrote.)
Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring MD

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