Creating shorter Internet addresses (URLs) #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Judith Elam posted a link to the on-line Breslau address book of 1935.
The URL (internet address) of that website is very long and may appear
in more than one line of text when you receive Judith's post.
It may not work for some GerSIG readers. The following is a shorter
version of the link to the 1935 Breslau address book:

A number of websites now allow us to create shorter versions of long
internet addresses. One of the early ones is "TinyURL" but there are
many others.

My Google Chrome web browser makes it easy to put a "TinyURL" button
into the bookmark / favorites bar at the top of the browser window.
Via Google, I found several other URL shorteners.
These have become very popular with the advent of Twitter -
a social medium for sending messages of 140 characters or less. More
information (as always) is available via Google including a Wikipedia
article on the subject.

If you find a helpful website and want to share it with others
including GerSIG you might want to use one of these free URL
shortening services. When posting to GerSIG, please include
**** both **** the original URL and then the shorter version (TinyURL or other).

We're not permitted to engage in long exchanges on technical subjects
in this list but informed comments on the advantages and disadvantages
of TinyURL and similar tools will be appreciated.


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