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Marjorie Rosenfeld <marjorierosenfeld@...>

For researchers interested in Brody, there's a new page at the Brody
ShtetLinks site. The URL for the Brody main page is:

The new page is at:

What you'll find there is the story of a righteous German woman in Brody,
Liselotte Hassenstein, who hid Jews in her attic during the Holocaust.
Since Liselotte's brave efforts have never been appropriately recognized, we
are hoping that someone who sees her story and photo will remember her and
can vouch for her so that she can be honored, albeit posthumously as she
recently died.

If you are a Brody survivor and the name "Hassenstein" sounds familiar to
you, please be sure to look at the page.

Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
Carlsbad, CA

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