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For those of you who can read Hebrew, Please click and see my paternal family
history online.

My father's uncle had his 80th birthday this past June. For the grand festivities,
my father wrote a book detailing his paternal family. And as of last month the
book is now online.

The BUNIM (?) family arrived in Eretz Yisrael >from Hungary around 1800 with an
alyiah organized by the Chatam Sofer. They settled in the Old City of Jerusalem.
In the 1860's they left for the first neighborhood outside of the walls, Mishkenot

The site not only tells of the actual history of the family all the way up to
today, but it also tells the story of a small Jerusalem neighborhood - Ohel
Shlomo, where my grandfather lived most of his life and where my father's
childhood was. There are stories of holidays of the different foods, the schools
and synagogues and also of war and sadness.

I am proud to be 6th generation Jerusalemite and that my children are a link in
this long chain.


Merav Schejtman (nee Gilai)
Jerusalem Israel

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