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Based on these two posts I would guess your Hebrew
name is Chanoch Henoch (these two names go together
very often) Hatzkel (shortened form of Yechezkel).

Best wishes,

Yehuda Herskowitz

--- "Scheimer, Deborah" <>

My husband's grandfather's name was Henry Jacobson.
His Yiddish name was
(I'm taking liberty with the spelling) Chanoch, with
the gutteral 'ch'
at the beginning and the end.

Scheimer Deborah
My given names are Henry Charles, I was named after
my two grandfathers.

When I first went to Hebrew School (nearly 50 years
ago), my teacher
asked us to ask our parents what our "Jewish" names
were. I have a
memory that is pretty strong (but may be inaccurate
just the same) that
my Mom said that my name was something like "Hinay
Anoch Haskel."

Hank Mishkoff <<

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