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Hi Genners
Has anyone ever dealt with adoption issues. A distant relative married a
women who was adopted and grew up in a Jewish Conservative home in NJ. Her
parents told her that the biological mother was Jewish. She grew up and married
my relative by a Conservative Rabbi. They have 2 children. Now when the oldest
child is to become a Bar Mitzvah, the Orthodox Rabbi is demanding proof of the
mother being Jewish. The mother's parents died when she was around 12 years old
and was then again adopted by her parents best friends. The woman never doubted
that she was Jewish. The woman was never interested in searching for her
biological mother and doesn't have any information about her. When it was
suggested that the children be converted anyway, the rabbi said that he couldn't
convert a Jew if he was Jewish already. Any suggestions about how to deal with a
situation like this?

Debbie Wang Etzion
Great Neck, NY

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