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Howard Margol <homargol@...>

<<From: "Ogus, Roy" <Roy.Ogus@...>
Does anyone know if there are Family List records available for the Ukmerge
(Vilkomir), Lithuania, city and/or district, for the 1880 - 1895 time
period? I know that such Family Lists are available for some other
Lithuanian areas. If you do know of such records, do you know in which
Archives they can be found?>>

Search the database on Miriam Weiner's website,
Once there, you will find out the existence of known records for Ukmerge
(Vilkomir) and for the district. Which archive the records are in will also
be given. The 1897 census for Ukmerge (Vilkomir) is quite extensive and is
included as a database on jewishgen.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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