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Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@...>

Just to remind all that there is FrenchSIG on JewishGen, and that this
link has been available on our web site for quite a long while, and
mentioned in several earlier messages.

This data available on this site has been derived >from the official
French government list of over many thousands, mostly Jews, deported to
their deaths >from France during WWII. (Please note that there are 121
lists that include only those deportees whose families requested death
certificates - not every deportee.)

There are often problems in downloading this site, and we have been in
touch with the owner to see if this prroblem can be fixed.

Rosanne Leeson

Cabsha1@... wrote:

Dear Genners,

This URL below, in French, gives more than 30,000 names of victims >from the
camps, all countries, including age, bithplace and camp where known.

I found 2 relatives on this site, names not known previously.

Louise Hajdenberg
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