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I would like to thank all the genners who helped to clarify the details of a
death entry >from Poland...
It seems that Feige is a female name, meaning Bird in Yiddish and that this
was the death record for a 15 year old girl.

When I found out >from the IKG in Vienna that my Paternal Grandmother was
born Reizele Fliesser, 1886 in Tuczkow (formerly Poland and near BELZ), I
was also advised that she was the Daughter of Feige FLIESSER. I wrongly
assumed that to be her Father, whereas it was actually her Mother! I suspect
that that Reizele (also later known as Rosa) took her Mother's name of
Fliesser as Feige was only ritually married to her spouse.

The Feige Fliesser I found in the JRI-Poland listing was evidently a false
lead and it is possible that the "real" Feige Fliesser was born and died ,
nearer to the Belz area. My Grandfather, Samuel (Shmouel) Rubin, who later
married Reizele in Vienna,was born in Belz in 1884 but once again, I can
find no trace of his birth record either... so it's back to the drawing
board for me!!

I would like to thank you all for trying to help me.

Martin Rubin #106675#
Worcester, England.
e-mail: martinrubin001@...

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