Re: Nanny BRUCK married to David COHN #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear Allan:
The BRUCK family lived in Oels for only a short while. The records on
LDS 1184444 show that David BRUCK and family (including 16-year-old
Anna) moved there >from Neisse (now Nysa) in Feb. 1843 and moved to
Breslau (Wroclaw) a few months later. However, David's wife Babette
died in Oels in early 1844.

David COHN was a leather merchant in Oels. So was Marcus BRUCK, who
moved there >from Neisse in 1842. He moved "to his parents" in Breslau
in 1846.

I hope to have the Olesnica/Oels records up at JRI-Poland before too
long. Have fun with the many, many Nysa records there!

By the way, the sources for both Nysa and Olesnica are typed
transcriptions made in the 1930s >from originals now lost. So there's no
verifying this information beyond the transcription.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA Research co-ordinator, GerSIG Prussian
Poland Area Co-ordinator, JRI-Poland

On 9/19/2012 Allan Falk <allan@...> wrote:
My great-grandmother Rosalie COHN was the daughter of Nanny BRUCK and David
COHN in Oels (now Oslenica in Poland). But Rosalie was born in New York in
So it is possible that her parents also married in New York. It is
also possible that Nanny's last name was spelled BROOK or BROOKS, which is a
well-known name in New York.
If anybody knows of any Nanny BRUCK or BROOK I would be happy to learn
about it, I have not been able to find such a person >from the ordinary
sources such as family-search.

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