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Merle Kastner <merlek@...>

Dear Genners,

Would someone living in Philadelphia be able to take a few
photos of Elfreth's Alley for me? This interesting street was
inhabited by a number of prominent Jewish people throughout the
history of the city and the country. Unfortunately, some of their
former residences no longer exist. Some of the addresses numbers
were: 13, 112, 118, 121, 122, 124.
I would be willing to do an exchange favor in Montreal.

Merle Kastner
Montreal, Canada
KASTNER & OSTFELD (Radauti, Fratauti, Bukovina) ALTMAN (USA, Belchatow, Poland)
NATHANSON & MENDELSSOHN (Piatra Neamt, Falticeni, Negulesti, Romania)
GARBARSKI & DENENBERG/DYNABURSKI (Sejny/Suwalki gubernia area, Poland)
KUSSNER (Bendery/Tighina, Moldova; Philadelphia, PA) FUCHS/FOX (Dubno, Poland)
SCZUCZYNSKI & MILLER (Lida & Vilnius, Lithuania/Belarus; Philadelphia, PA.)
LEVITT & KISHELEVETZ (New York, Lodz, Poland) SINGER ("Zitrisk"/Starry Chartoriysk, Ukraine)

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