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Sara Lynns

need your help
I have copy of a family "holiday" photo taken 1942/43
with another family. the "other" family (in this
photo)recently sent me a copy of this photo.
In this photo: one of my relatives(female) seated
on the far right of the room
the other (her husband) is seated far left (parallel)
seated in front (leaning against him) of him is a
young "adult" female(member of the "other family")
Question: I am in contact with several members of the
other family to which this young woman belonged.

Question: curious what (if any) relationship existed
between the "husband" (either before or during the
marriage) and this young woman. Her sisters are
positioned in the middle of the room (seated)
Caveat: long time family friends

Tried to address this in a delicate manner.No answers.

Suggestions on how to address or approach this issue?
ps they live out of state
The couple in this picture are both now deceased
Jackie Lerner-Aderman

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