JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: the name Khasya or Hasia #general

Ury Link

Dear Genners,
I have reading with pleaser all the letters about the name Khasya,
Hasia,Chasia etc.... With all the respect to the opinion of the most of the
Genners I want to give another meaning of this names. It is not my
personnel meaning but the meaning of the authors of the most of the divorce
All this names are derived >from the biblical name Chana (Hanna). Also
Alexander Beider in his book about Ashkenazi given names give the name
Chana as the source of Khasya,Hasia etc....
The derivetion scheme van Chana is: (with Ch or with K)
Chana - Chantse- Chintse - Chaytse - Chayse - Chasia - Hasia - Hesia and
more ...

The suggestion that the name Chasia is >from a Hebrew word Chas + Ya is a
nice suggestion but completely wrong.

Best regards
Ury Link

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