Researching BLUM and DURRA. #germany

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Greetings Gersiggers,

Hermann BLUM b. 28.8.1877 Lindenthal Krs. Graudenz.
Family Residence: Breslau, Trebnitzer Str 72 and Mathiasstr. 109
[ Breslauer Adressbuch 1923; 1930;1941 ]
Married: DURRA (first name unknown) with 2 sons.
2 Stepsons of Hermann BLUM:
Bruno DURRA b. 26.2.1892 Honig d. 17.5.1917.
Berthold DURRA b. 4.9.1894 d. 11.6.1918 Breslau
Brother's Address: Breslau Rosplatz 9
Brothers both died in Military Service.

Kindly assist with further information. Thank You.

Ernie Durra, Cape Town. South Africa Email: erniedurra@...

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