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I have been searching my geneology of my family >from a town in Germany
called Gunzenhausen. In searching the internet I came across
a Joseph GUNZENHAUSER and Azriel GUNZENHAUSER it states they were
Hebrew printers in the 1490 and moved to Naples.

I have a question because my ancestory is so secretive I cannot find
any information on it at all hardly. I came across this article and
It stated the following (GUNZENHAUSER (Ashkenazi), Joseph Ben Jacob
(d. 1490) and Azriel, his son, pioneers in Hebrew printing.

The Gunzenhausers went to Naples >from Gunzenhausen in southern Germany
and set up a Hebrew press, which >from 1487 to 1492 produced an
impressive range of books see *Incunabula), in all about 12 volumes.
mong them were the Hagiographa with various rabbinical commentaries
(1487); Avicenna's medical Canon, the first and only edition of the
work in Hebrew (Ha-Kanon); and the )

Is this stating that I have a Jewish background? The more I search I am
locating more were there were GUNZENHAUSERs killed in the holocost
I am sorry I have no knowledge of this or know anything about these
kind of things. I found he had several sons some were in Jerusalem
at the time they were in Naples. Is there a way I can find out more
about them and if in deed they were Jewish?

Thank You Connie Cooper, Jacksonville, Fl

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