Re: Jews in the Franco-Prussian War #germany


Am 21.10.2012 22:19, schrieb Michael Rubin:
I have a reference to the specific regiment my G-G grandfather served
in in 1871 and would like to explore that regiment's war record further
(including any listing of personnel, of course). Assuming such records
still exist, how can they be accessed and are there records which might
be specific to Jews who served?
Unfortunately you didn't tell us which regiment it was. How should anyone
be able to answer your question?

You even didn't tell us in which army your g-g-grandfather served.
The French Army? The Prussian Army? The Bavarian Army? The Army of
Wurttemberg? The Badenese Army? The Saxonian Army? The Hessian Army?

The English name Franco-Prussian War is misleading, since it was
actually a Franco-German war.

Markus Roehling, Berlin markus@...

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