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This is such a bizarre story but entirely true. I have been searching for my
brother, Yechiel (HEINE) REINHOLD, for decades but without any success largely
because British intelligence will not release their file on him---even half a
century later! He was born in Berlin, then travelled to Palestine in the
mid-1930s, fought in the Jewish Brigade against the Nazis in Italy, then in
1946/47 moved to the UK and worked for British intelligence. The problem is
British intelligence assigned him a new identity in the late 1940s. >from that
point on, our family has completely lost all trace of him. I've appealed to the
British government to give us "any" information on him but his file is
still considered a state secret. Imagine that! More than 50 years later and they
will not give us any information about my brother. Both of us ---if he is still
alive--are in our 80s and so this would be my last chance to see him, or the very
least understand what happened to him all these years.
Does anyone have any information about this person, or can suggest some
ideas on how to break this impass? Thank you so very much.

Eva Berlin

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