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Werner Frank

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My book: "The Curse of Gurs: Way Station to Auschwitz"
is now available on Amazon in either print or eBook format.


Gauleiters Robert Wagner and Joseph Buerckel, the German administrative
heads of the States of Baden and the Pfalz/Saar, sought to be the first to
make their territories Judenrein (free of Jews). They engineered a massive
westward expulsion of over 6,500 Jews to Camp de Gurs, located in unoccupied
Vichy France. The event became known as the Wagner-Buerckel Aktion and was
offered by the Gauleiters as their gift to the Fuehrer in October 1940.

The relocation of Jews to the Gurs internment camp became an intermediate
step after the infamous “Final Solution” was pronounced at the Wannsee
Conference in January 1942. This Nazi annihilation program triggered yet a
second round of transports that would move the incarcerated Jews >from Gurs
to the Parisian suburb of Drancy, an assembly point where the victims faced
a final deportation to the death camp of Auschwitz.

The story of this little known tragedy is told by the author who delves into
the background of the historical events that led to the Aktion. He recounts
the impact of this cataclysm on the area surrounding his boyhood residence
in Eppingen and relates the tribulations and ultimate fate encountered by
seven-hundred members of his widely located family in the State of Baden.

Werner Frank, [GerSIG co-founder] - Calabassas Calif.

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