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Fritz Neubauer

Am 07.11.2012 14:09, schrieb Deborah Rosenberg:
Dear Gersigs, I am looking for documentation of the deportation of
Jews >from Hamburg to Lodz in October of 1941.
If anyone knows of any books, articles or other sources
of information, please let me know.
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Dear Deborah,
the most comprehensive list of **all** the Hamburg victims is the Hamburg
Memorial Book

"Hamburger juedische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus: Gedenkbuch" that was
published in Hamburg in 1995 by the City Archives (Staatsarchiv
Hamburg), edited by Juergen Sielemann and Paul Flamme. ISBN 3-923356714.

As with all the German-speaking deportees, the Hamburg deportees of
25-Oct-1941 to the Lodz Ghetto (then called Litzmannstadt) were subject
to re-deportation >from the Ghetto to the Chelmno extermination camp on
the 12 deportation trains between 04-May-1942 (first train) to
15-May-1942 (last train).

It is mentioned in the Ghetto Chronicle that members of the Hamburg
transport were deported on the fourth transport on 07-May-1942.
Inmates called up for re-deportation were able to put in applications
for exemption >from re-deportation. These application letters, quite
a few >from members of the Hamburg transport, mostly hand-written,
were conserved, with the originals in the Lodz Museum and microfilms
in the USHMM.

A name index to these letters was compiled by me. It is accessible
through the JewishGen Holocaust Files at:

Over the past years the Hamburg State Center for Political Education
(Landeszentrale fuer politische Bildung) has published at least 12
volumes for Nazi victims (of all kinds) who lived in different Hamburg
neighborhoods in connection with the Stolperstein movement. These
volumes contain detailed biographies and documentation about the
victims. Further volumes are being prepared. The titles of these books are:

Stolpersteine in Hamburg XXX
Biographische Spurensuche.

These books are published in cooperation with the Hamburg University
Institute for the History of of the German Jewry (Institut fuer die
Geschichte der deutschen Juden), 20144 Hamburg, Beim Schlump 83. The
names listed within the project can be accessed through

Let me know if you need more assistance. With kind regards-

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany fritz.neubauer@...

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