JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Question on Polish Aliyah passports #general


Leslie Weinberg asked a number of questions about
the Polish Aliyah Passport data in the Jewish Records
Indexing-Poland database.

More information about the passports can be found at:

The town of birth and town of residence is listed in the
passport data. Copies of the passports may be ordered
from the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.
Although regulations required that all of these special
passports be returned to the Polish Consulate, not all
were returned, so a family member may have emigrated
to Mandate Palestine, kept his/her passport, and would
not be in this file.

Judy Baston, Coordinator
JRI-Poland Aliyah Passport Project

Was checking the list to see if I could find surnames >from Tyczyn -
still trying to identify my grandfather's nephew, whose name is unknown.
I am aware that it is not a complete list, since it hinged on emigrants
returning their passports to Poland once they got their papers in
Israel, but I have some questions. I find only one name >from Tyczyn,
Poland, and I believe this man is the wrong age, but I found twenty-four
names >from Rzeszow. If the person lived in Tyczyn, would the passport
have been issued there, or could it have been issued in Rzeszow? Were
there people who left Poland during that time for Israel who might not
have had passports at all? If the person left Poland and went
elsewhere, I would assume I would be looking for a passport in a
haystack, but somehow I feel he went straight >from Poland to Israel.
The list is >from 1929-1939. Was it still possible for Jews to get out
of Tyczyn after that? Leslie Weinberg

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