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I found a Page of Testimony >from Yad Vashem submitted in 1999 by a close
relative of mine, who I never knew about. Her name is shown as Shayndle Anglikan
(aleph-nun-gimel-lamed-kof-sof nun), although the last letter is possible a
"vav". Shayndle gives testimony about her mother, Golda Laya "Wiewadska", nee
Zawadzka. When I attempted to call the phone number shown on the Page of
Testimony, a recording indicated that the number was no longer in service.

I would greatly appreciate any help in locating Shayndle or any of her

Howard Lewin
East Northport, NY

Searching ZAWADZKI/ZAWADZKA: Pajeczno, Lodz, Radomsko, Czestochowa (All

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