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Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

Dear Jewel:
Glatz (Lower Silesia) is represented in the LDS microfilm collection
only by death/burial records that cover the period 1832-1940.

The Polish State Archives database, however, shows that the Wroclaw
(Breslau) archives contain all the Jewish marriage and death records for
Glatz for the period 1812-1874 (i.e., >from the time Jews were offered
limited citizenship to the end of separate record-keeping), plus birth
records for 1844-1874.

When did your husband's ancestors live in Glatz? Remember, surnames
that refer to a place were generally adopted by people who had
*previously* lived in that place, or whose ancestors came >from there.
Imagine if all the Jews in Breslau had called themselves BRESLAUER! Of
over 1,000 households in Breslau in 1812, only three had that surname.

For that matter, only one family in Middle and Upper had the name
GLATZER: the family of Esias Nathan GLATZER. (I don't have a
citizenship list for Lower Silesia, alas--though I'm told that there is
one somewhere.)

As to "Mrs. Issakhar GLATZER", that would imply a "Mr. Issakhar
GLATZER"--and he probably had a different given name outside the
synagogue. Perhaps the civil records would list him as Ber or Berel or
Bernhard--or something altogether different.

Good luck!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA
researching Upper Silesia, mainly


My husbands great grandfather originated >from Glatz, there were Glatz Rivers
Mountains and all other. Was there a Mrs Issakhar GLATZER? I would like to know
how to find her if there are any records in the new Glatz. KLodzko. If
anybody has any knowlege of this area I would greatly appreciated the

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