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Dear Evan and fellow Genners,

I have noted in my research that the cause of death
was reduced to "of Natural Causes" [or I suppose there
would be some other phrase, if not Natural Causes -
but I haven't come across any of those post-1942,
yet,] sometime in the mid-1940s.

I have found records with the following:
Brooklyn 1941 w/ cause Carcinoma of the Lungs.
Bronx 1942 w/ cause Bronchopneumonia
Manhattan 1946 and 1948 - no cause of death indicated
Bronx 2-1947 w/ statement - Natural Causes

So, while the Dept. of Health may say 1939 for
removing the cause of death, actual filed Death
Certificates on microfiche at the NYC Archives seem to
indicate that physicians kept listing the cause for at
least a few more years.

On the other hand, maybe they developed a system of
two types of death certificates. One issed at the
time of death and one kept on file with the cause of
death removed.

I have one of the original copies w/ the raised seal
of the DOH of my grandfather's death certificate from
1964 with immediate cause and antecedant cause spelled
out - occlusive coronary, arteriosclerosis.
Interestingly at the bottom the City of New York
states "that reproduction or alteration of this
transcript is prohibited".

Because I had the original Death Certificate, I have
never thought to order another copy and see how it
compares. I look forward to reading what others have
found out.

Best in 2005,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

Evan Fishman writes in part:
In an attempt to get an explanation of code numbers on
a 1946 death certificate, I learned >from the Division
of Vital Statistics of the NYC Dept. of Health that
after 1939 the cause of death is considered
confidential information... >>>

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