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TamarDC <t.duke.cohan@...>

I am writing to recommend a service called Traceline (phone
no. +44 (0)151 471 4811,

This organization, which is affiliated with the British
General Register office, assists in finding people with whom
one has lost touch in Great Britian.

My family and I have been seeking a cousin with whom contact
was lost in the last forties. There was a family feud over
who did or did not do enough to save the cousin's parents from
the Holocaust (both died). Rather than lay blame where blame
should be laid (i.e. Hitler and his cronies), a nasty
situation evolved.

In any case, with very little information and with a great
deal of tact and sensitivity, Traceline assisted in finding
out what happened to our cousin (unfortunately, passed away
many years ago). The service is fast and efficient. The fee
that they charge is moderate (30 pounds per search).

If you need assistance in search for anyone in the UK, I
recommend this service with all my heart.

Tamar Duke-Cohan

ESSINGER (Oberdorf, Ulm), LEVISTEIN (Ettenheim, Mannheim)
GOTTHEINER (Berlin), SEELIGSOHN (Marienwerder, Berlin),

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