Re: INTRO - Researching Isak HENSCHKE #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear Naomi:
When you say that Isak HENSCHKE was "probably" born in Poznan, may I
assume that you have not obtained his death certificate? I would
recommend that you do that. The Berlin Landesarchiv would be the place
to ask, though they're taking a long time to make registers available
(the law regarding this changed a few years back).

If he married in Berlin they will eventually have that record too. Both
marriage and death records should list the place of birth and lots of
other useful stuff, such as the names of parents.

Before doing that, though, see whether you can find where he lived in
Berlin. The Berlin Address Books are on line at

-- but beware! HENSCHKE is not at all
uncommon as a surname among Gentiles in Germany. About 1,000 of them in
the phone book today.

Through the Jewish Community of Berlin you may be able to find out where
he was born, because that information was often included in the burial
registers at Weissensee cemetery.

Next, do you mean Poznan the city or Posen the former province?

Have you looked in NALDEX, GerSIG's own database of surname adoptions?

You'll find exactly one HENSCHKE family, in Neumark, Kreis (county)
Loebau in West Prussia. The listing shows all family members as of
1845. That's the only HENSCHKE mentioned in Lars Menk's _Dictionary of
German-Jewish Surnames_, too. Not Posen Province, but not terribly far
away either.

Finally, and most important of all: register your interest in the
HENSCHKE family with the JewishGen Family Finder!

And then contact the two other HENSCHKE researchers who are listed there.

Good luck, and let us know what you find!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA Research coordinator, GerSIG

On 11/16/2012, Naomi Schor wrote:
I'm looking for parents and siblings details of Isak HENSCHKE, born
1860, probably in Poznan, Poland (formerly Prussian province of Posen).
Isak HENSCHKE died in Berlin, Germany, in 1936.
One of Isak's 9 children was Siegfried HENSCHKE, who was killed in
1917 as a soldier in World War I while fighting for Germany.

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