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On 18 Nov 2012, Peter Lande wrote:
" Subject: What happened to German Jews
It is estimated that in 1933, when Hitler came into power, there were
roughly 600,000 Jews resident in Germany. Yet only 160,000 names appear
in the Gedenkbuch, and, even taking into account survivor name lists
which appear in various books, less than half of the 1933 population is
accounted for." ============>

There is an article about German Jews during WWII :
"The Jewish Population of Germany 1939-1945" by Bruno Blau
Jewish Social Studies Vol. 12, No. 2, Apr. 1950

Comparing the census of 1939 with that of 1933, it is apparent that
about 50% of German Jews left Germany before the beginning of the
deportations. Of those who stayed, the vast majority perished, and of
those who survived, the vast majority where either spouses of Non-Jews
or had been in hiding. There were about 19,000 German Jews left at the
end of WWII, besides about 160,000 non-German Jews in DP camps in 1946
(see "Jews in Germany 07: 1945-1970", Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971), vol.
7, columns 396-504).

Of those who managed to leave Germany before 1941, about 10% were
subsequently deported when the Germans occupied the countries where they
had sought refuge, such as France, Belgium or the Netherlands.
"Nazi Persecution of the Jews and Emigration - Demographics of
German-Jewish Emigration", by Herbert A. Strauss. In: Current research
on antisemitism, Volume 3, page 238, ISBN 3110107767, 9783110107760,
page 236-246.

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