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Carlos Glikson

Jewel Glatzer traced her maternal grandmother's RINALDO to Poland, and
mentions it is a rather unusual name for Polish Jews, and that she always
believed there was a possibility they were originally >from Italy.

There are ways on-line to get a quick idea of the distribution of last names
in Italy, Poland, and the US.


As a page in JRI-Poland says, the Slownik Nazwisk (Dictionary of Surnames
Currently Used in Poland) is Online.

Look for Tips/ Other Links in JRI-Poland's home page,
if you enter through JewishGen.

Clicking on Tips/ Other Links leads you to a page with Help Tips/ Help Links
including a link for "The Slownik Nazwisk is Online (Dictionary of Surnames
Currently Used in Poland)", by William F. "Fred" Hoffman.

Fred Hoffman states that the Slownik nazwisk wspolczesnie w Polsce
uzywanych, "literally "Dictionary of Surnames Currently Used in Poland."" is
a work edited by Professor Kazimierz Rymut which, although not covering the
full population, has "data on about 94% of the population of Poland" in
1990. "It gave a total of all Poles by each name, along with a breakdown of
where they lived by province."

Fred Hoffman's article teaches how to search and contains the link to search
for your Rinaldo
The page is in Polish, so - if you can't read Polish - I suggest getting to
it after reading Fred's explanation in JRI-Poland . It contains key word
translations, abbreviations, and search tips.

The result is 2 Rinaldo in one province. Remember the study is not complete,
but it gives a fair idea anyway of how widespread - or not - a name was,
and tells you the provinces.


If you try

for Last name (Cognome): Rinaldo, you get an instant map displaying the
Rinaldo distribution, present in 358 comuni (communes), with symbols for up
to 5, 10, 50, 100 or 500 or more with the same last name per commune. You
get visual confirmation that Rinaldo is much more frequent in Italy than in


A search for a last name here displays a map of the USA with the state by
state frequency shown in colour codes. It may help pinpointing and
contacting prospective cousins when the last name is rare.

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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