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Rachelle <rlberliner@...>

I'm still trying to find my aunts.

To my knowledge, our family was >from Swislowitz, Russia - now Swisloch,
Belarus, Volkyvysk, Grodno Gubernia and possibly Odessa, Ukraine.

My dad, Samuel Isaiah LEAF, came to the U.S. in 1906. The passenger list
showed his name to be Schaie LIEBERMAN. I was able to find him on the EIDB
as I had acquired his Declaration of Intention and that gave me the name of
the ship and the date of arrival. Searching for passengers >from Swislowitz
and knowing his Hebrew name to be Shmuel Yishaiah, I was able to find him.
One brother, Max, came in as Mendel LOEW with an umlat over the "o". The 3d
brother, whose arrival I've not yet found on EIDB or anywhere, was Morris
LIEBERMAN and known as Moshe. Uncle Morris never changed his name to LEAF. A
cousin who was originally a LIFSCHITZ or LEV >from Odessa, we believe, was
the sponsor of my dad and Uncle Max. She had adopted the surname LEAF.
(Finding original surnames is yet another project for my mom's JACOBS

Nevertheless, my reason for writing is that my dad had 2 sisters who refused
to leave Russia. They were in the medical profession and chose to stay with
my grandparents, Alter Neome AIN and Shimshon LIEBERMAN. (Since my dad used
this surname, I will stick with it for our LEAF family.) I am aware of the
murder of Jewish physicians by Stalin and am researching that, looking for
names of female doctors.

As was the case during the 30s, 40s, and 50s, Jews fled to areas where they
felt they could be safe and that is why I'm searching everywhere. This
includes shtetls and gubernias that are posted on Litvak Digest.

Sadly, I do not know the given names of either aunt. Also unknown is if they
married and their descendants are alive - somewhere. I am posting
photographs to Viewmate. One is a picture of my grandparents and one
daughter. The other is the other daughter.

Perhaps someone knows of a family who carries either or both of these

Please contact me privately.
Thank you in advance for any and all assistance and/or suggestions.

To view the pictures,

They are numbers 5417 and 5418.


Rachelle Leaf Berliner
Savannah, GA


LIEBERMAN/LEOW(Shimshon,)patronymic-LEAF and AIN(Alter Neome/Nechamah)/ >from
Szvistrich/Swislowitz/Swisloch, Bialystok, Russia to NY to Savannah),
Joseph Osher LEV/LEAF/LIFSCHITZ/LOEW(V) or LIEBERMAN (Odessa Region)

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