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I have been searching, with a singular lack of success, for the roots of
my great-great-grandmother,
Chai Sura (nee ROZENSZTEJN) ZYLBERMAN, wife of Juda Lejb Z in
Przasnysz. Unlike most records where I find only the wife's father's first
name, here I only find her surname at birth. The only other information
is that family lore says that she was originally >from Janowa. While
there are numerous towns with that name in Poland, in Shtetl Finder Gazeteer,
the only one nearby is located north of Mlawa
at 5307 2023, which is near Przasnsyz and Chorzele where the ZYLBERMAN
lived for generations.
No sign of Chaia Sura's birth, marriage, or death have been found to
date, although some Mlawa records still remain unindexed. Numerous records
exist for the birth of her children in Przasnysz.

Today, I finally got around to checking out the ROZENSZTEJN records that
do exist in Przasnysz and found an interesting clue. In 1853, Abram Hersz
ROZENSZTEJN, son of Joska and Ruchel z Joskow
married Judes LEYWANDT, daughter of Juda Jzraelowicz and Dyna LEYWANDT.
They had three children, Fajga Perla, Szaja Mosiek and Hana Ester (who died at
age 1) that I know of >from Przasnysz records.

The interesting clue is that, according to his marriage record, Abram
Hersz ROZENSZTEJN was born in (insert drum roll here) Janowa! So, he is
likely related to Chaia Sura and may even be her brother.

If anyone has information on ROZENSZTEJN or LEYWANDT, please contact me
privately at

Marty Meyers

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