German Communities #germany


As demonstrated by the flood of emails I have received, lots of people read
GerSig and have looked at the Morse website.

A few notes of clarification.

What appears at that site is what appears on the lists.
Where it contradicts what you have already entered on your family trees
I cannot determine which data are correct. ** Please do not ask. **

Such discrepancies just mean that you will have to do further research
to determine what is correct.

Or come to Boston next summer and let me overwhelm you
with identifying possible sources of information. (If they invite me)

Yes--there will be typos--I do spot checks but I cannot proofread thousands
of names. There may even be errors in the original material. I know of no
way to deal with this problem.

German language on the Community Name Lists being extracted by our
volunteers has turned out to be more of a problem than I expected.

I guess that work on this project will require more than understanding
the 20 German words I estimated would be necessary.

If you receive a list and cannot handle it for linguistic or other reasons
just let me know and I will move that list to other volunteers.

Peter Lande, Washington, D.C,.

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