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Is it fair to exclude a member of one's family >from a family tree due to
Beryl Baleson
I look at the example of on of the major Jewish trees on the market,prepared by
an orthodox jew who includes all the descendants known to him.
"The Unbroken Chain" by Dr. Neil Rosenstein.

I also include in my tree, descendants of Charedi family in Jerusalem all the
descendants known to me.

Also I have come across many non-jewish relatives who have converted over the
years. In many cases it is the husband who may not be Jewish and then the
children are completely jewish. So why leave anyone out?

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel
I know of the book "The Unbroken Chain" although I have not read it. To be
able to trace one's ancestry back to rabbis is similar to being able to
trace back to royalty.

I suspect that I can trace my ancestry so far back because I have rabbis in
my line. They were better educated and their details were likely to be
recorded - I believe that they were also likely to have surnames.

Nick Landau

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