JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Need Help Deciphering Name of Town in Ship Manifest #general

Rochelle Gershenow

Jente SLONIMTKY (SLONIMSKY)>from Minsk arrived at Ellis Island on 4/26/1910
on the Estonia >from Libau. The ship's manifest lists her place of birth. I
cannot decipher it. Would someone look at it and see if you can decipher
the name of the town in which she was born. Please reply privately to me.

Rochelle Gershenow
Potomac, MD

Searching: AKINSKY/AGINSKY (Belarus); CHAIKIN (Priluki or Priluki area,
Ukraine); GERIS (Belarus); LECKERMAN/LAKERMAN (Podelski or Priluki, Ukraine;
or Pennsylvania, USA); LIFSCHITZ (Podelski or Priluki, Ukraine); SLONIMSKY
(Minsk, Belarus)or SLONIM (USA); SONDEK/SUNDOCK/SUNDACK (Lutzin, Belarus;
Ludza, Latvia; USA); PURINSON/PURINZON/PURRINSON (Priluki,Ukraine;
Argentina; Israel; USA); SOKOLOFF (Priluki or Priluki area, Ukraine)

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