German Communities: Status report #germany


As we start 2013 I thought the following status report on the German
communities project might be of interest:

Data >from 46 communities has been entered into the database, with the number
of names >from each community ranging >from 1-451.
This does not count communities which for various reasons did not provide

While there are still some earlier communities being processed, we are
beginning communities beginning with the letter G.

Over 5,000 names are currently available on Steve Morse's website and will
be available on JewishGen. When searching the Morse website be sure to
click on the person's name or, on the extreme right side of the field on
"details" to see what happened to that individual, e.g. emigrated, deported,
moved, etc.

Many thanks to all who have participated and, I hope, will continue to

Peter Lande, Washington, D.C.

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