Kindertransport survivors story in LA Times, 4 January, 2013 #germany

John Paul Lowens <jplowens@...>

The Los Angeles Times, January 4, 2013 has an article on the gathering
of kindertransport survivors- some now in their late 80s --meeting to
keep their stories alive especially for their grandchildren, great
grandchildren and the public. Some of the children were taken in by
loving families while others became labor for the families that took
them and the aftermath is still with them. The gathering was put
together by the next generation, in effect "passing the torch" to the
next generation called KT2.

To read the article see:
original url:,0,1276347.story

Thanks to IAJGS President Jan Meisels Allen for this citation.

John Paul Lowens, JGS of Long Island, New York

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