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David Grosz

Dear JewishGenners,

I am making enquiries regarding the family name BERKOVITS or its multiple

My mother's first cousin (and second cousin) has the maiden name of
BERKOVITS. Her parents were first cousins. Her first name is Hajnal, Dawn or
Aurora (depending on what language you're referring to her in). She was born
in Hungary (maybe Romania at the time) in Sighet (Marmorosighet - excuse my
spelling) in 1926. Her siblings were Ludovic (1921-1944), David (1922-1976),
Nikolae (Miki) (1924-1945) and Mayer (Ochi) (1930-1944). Her mother was Iren
SIEGELLACK (1993-1944) born in Batiza, Hungary and her father was Nandor
BERKOVITS (1889-1944). He died in Dornau. Iren's parents were Mayer
SIEGELLACK (1865-1927) and Sarah SCHWARTZ (1863-1932). Nandor's mother was
Chaje SHWARTZ, Sarah's sister.

In addition, my wife's grandfather was Maurice KATZ (1915-2001). His mother
died when he was around two. Her name was Rebecca BERKOVITZ. His father was
Isaac KATZ. They were married in England (I believe). Their children were
born in England. His older brother was Phillip. Phillip and Maurice had
three half brothers Raffe (deceased), Simon and Ben.

I believe BERKOVITS and its alternate spellings is quite a common name but I
am interested to know if there is a link. Can anybody please help?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards,
David Grosz
Sydney, Australia

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