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Howard Coupland <how.jacque@...>

Have you looked at - British Census 1881 . There is
mention of Isaac Levi born 1863 living with parents Reuben & Mary (prob Miriam)
together with siblings and born circa 1863. Address given 58 Templar Street ,
Leeds. This area was known as The Leylands comparible with New York's Lower East
Side .

Hope this helps.

Howard Coupland
Leeds, UK.

CAPLAN / PLOTKIN (Vilnius, Lithuania) PRENSKY (Kaunas, Lithuania) GRYNWALD
(Marijampole & Liudvinavas, Lithuania) OLECHONOWSKI & FINKIELSZTEJN (Marijampole,
Lithuania) KLEPPER / CLAPER (Iasi, Romania) SMOLENSKI (Romania)SHER (Siauliau,
Lithuania) KATZ (Siauliau, Varniai, Skuodas, Lithuania & Oslo, Norway) ABRAMSON
/ LIPMAN (Johannesburg, South Africa) FABER (Iasi, Romania & New York)
LIVINGSTONE (Birmingham, England)

"Steve Morgan" wrote >
I draw a blank looking for Isaac Levi in the right time frame. I found a record
from 1890 for an Isaac Levi but that marriage would have occurred 6 months
after my grandmother's birth and her brothers were 3 and 5 at that time.
The brides on this page were both named Betsy and I don't see where Rebecca
turns into Betsy but anything is possible.
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