Re: Looking for Ittlingen vital records. [for 1870 and later] #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear Paula,
>from 1876 onward all vital records in Germany were kept by the local
registry office (Standesamt) and not separated out by religion.

Those records are available to the public after a certain interval:
110 years for births;
80 years for marriages;
30 years for deaths.

Each Land (state, in this case Baden-Wuerttemberg) is in the process of
gathering the 2nd copies of the vital registers and placing them in
archives especially suited to the purpose.

Hessen is so far the only Land that has scanned a substantial portion of
the publicly available registry-office records and put them on line.

Most of these can only be viewed at Family History Centers or by members
of the LDS (Mormon) Church. I don't know whether Baden-Wuerttemberg has any plans to
follow suit, but for now the records can be viewed only in Germany.
(Some vital records >from Poland, including Standesamt records >from
formerly German parts are beginning to appear at

As to 1871-5 records, I have no idea what the situation is. Let us know if you
find out, please!

The Baden-Wuerttemberg archives have placed their collection of
Gatermann films on line. These are films of vital records made for the
Nazis toward the end of WW II. The originals are lost. Go to

and click on Strukturansicht at the left. The collection is arranged
alphabetically. There are several items for Ittlingen, including a
Chevra Kadisha register that goes to 1893 and a grave register for

Best of luck, and keep us posted on what you find!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

Paula Weil, North Salem NY nofrillsfarm@... wrote:
Can anyone tell me where to find the birth-marriage-death records for
the town of Ittlingen in Baden 1870 and later? What LDS has stops at
1870 before the supposed date of the birth of my grandfather and some
of his siblings.
Would copies of post 1870 Itlingen vital records be available to me here in the U.S.?

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